The colloquium will focus on Short Fibre Reinfoced Cementitious Composites (SFRCC) and metal particle reinforced ceramics.
SFRCC are gaining rapidly more importance in civil engineering, most prominently Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete (SFRC). This is despite the fact, that construction codes are still under development, and that the material is still subject to research.
These composites share some mechanical properties with ceramics, despite the different chemistry and length scales.

One of the aims of this colloquium is to bring together civil engineers, material scientists and researchers from micro-mechanics to discuss and possibly develop cooperations. Contributions are welcome from experimental, numerical and theoretical view points.

Topics (non-exhaustive list):
- measurement of fibre orientations
- characterization of micro-structure
- constitutive modeling
- fracture and cracking behaviour
- numerical modeling
- experiments
- control of fiber orientations

Presentation of work-in-progress and from PhD students are welcome, we aim at creating a friendly atmosphere and encourage discussions.


Submission of abstracts by e-mail to ( please use the Word or LaTeX templates).

Deadline: 7.1.2017 (extended)


We are evaluating the possibility to publish proceedings either as a Springer book or a special issue of the "Proceedings of the Estonian Academy of Sciences".